Thursday, November 24, 2011

just one second!

anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time with masey lately will agree that his favorite phrase is by far, "just one second!". sometimes, he needs "just one second!" to finish watching his tv show (ok, let's be honest. to finish watching thomas the tank engine). sometimes, he needs "just one second!" to start minding you, sometimes he needs "just one second!" before he gets poked. sometimes masey needs "just one second!" before he puts down the scissors and stops making his craft. sometimes, it's "just one second!" until he shares the game he's playing. no matter what the reason, mason often demands "just one second!".

around these parts, it's really hard to deny him. you see, over the past year and 20 days, mason has lived approximately 33,284,926 seconds longer than we thought he would. that is thirty-three million seconds. when he asks for "just one second!" i usually find myself giving it to him. you see, today, we are thankful for this handsome boy who is the bravest kid we know. we are thankful for this sweet kid and his hilarious personality. we are thankful for the lessons we've learned and blessings we've seen while on this cancer journey. we are even thankful for his procrastination. after all, it's always "just one second!"

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