Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trip To The North Pole With MAW and KBER 101!

A few weeks ago, we got an invitation in the mail that seemed like it could have been made just for Mason. We were invited for a ride on the Polar Express to Santa's lodge, to meet Santa.

Perfect, right?

Mason has been counting down the days until he could ride the train and see Santa. He finally fell asleep last night (or should I say, this morning?) after telling me, "I'm so excited I'm wobbling, and I can't sleep."

  This morning, we woke up and drove to the KBER office in Salt Lake, where we took a bus with the other families to the Heber Valley Railroad, then to the lodge. We had such a great time, and have become new fans of KBER 101. And you all know we're huge fans of MAW. :) Here are some pics from our day!

 Waiting for the buses to arrive.

 We rode up to Heber and stopped at McDonald's for a free meal.

 I've been meaning to take a pic of this, and finally did. Mason's favorite food is chicken nuggets, but he only likes the crunchy parts, so he bites the edges and leaves the middle for whoever wants it.

He was so excited to be by the trains!


 Mason saw the conductor and ran to him saying, "Conductor! Conductor! Can I have a picture?"

Our seats! Of all the times we've ridden the train (okay, so it's only been twice before this), we've never ridden in this coach, but I'll be looking for it next time. It was super comfy. The seats even swiveled to face the other way, but the one Mason and I chose didn't work. :(  He kept telling people afterward that we had ridden backward though, because all the seats had been turned to face backward.

Loved the decorations.

So excited! He was talking non-stop about the scenery, going to see Santa, etc. He loved it. 

Here's the conductor again, punching Mason's golden ticket (like in The Polar Express). Mason held on to that ticket for almost the entire time, like it was pure gold. He was so happy to have it. 

During the train ride, Mason was given a bell on a necklace, like the bell that Santa gives as the first gift of Christmas in The Polar Express

We got to the lodge where they had cookies, hot chocolate, and Mason's favorite: Santa!! He got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him that he wanted a giant robot for Christmas...which I have no idea when that changed. I think he was trying to think of something other than trains for Christmas, because after hearing a huge long list of the trains that he wanted, I told him Santa already got his wish list, and that he couldn't add anymore trains. Hahaha. 
After that he got to pick a toy, and they had STACKS of toys to choose from. After looking at a bunch of options (all of which he turned down), he finally settled on something he's been asking me to buy and I keep forgetting to: the one set of watercolor paints at the bottom of a pile of toys. He is currently on the floor with paper and a cup of water, painting a "book" with it. Love this kid! :)

Posing with Mick and Allen (the Freak Show)! Mason thought this giant bear was cool.

Oh! And he also get a cute new beanie to wear...which if you remember how much he loves hats, you'll know how perfect this also was. 

 Me and Mase! :)

That's all! We're so grateful to Make-A-Wish and KBER 101 for putting this together. It was such a great day!

Edit: Okay, that's not really all. I forgot to mention that while waiting in line for pics with Santa, I was approached by a woman named Krashel (I hope I spelled that right) who works with MAW. She had recognized Mason and wanted to tell me that she had submitted one of the pictures I sent from our trip to the national offices for consideration for it to be in their 2013 calendar! She said she hasn't heard if it has been chosen yet, but that they had been in contact with her to get more information about the kids in the picture (Mason and Mo). We'll probably know for sure late summer/early fall next year. So exciting!

This is the picture. It's kind of fuzzy because Blogger shrunk it, so click it to see the non-fuzzy version. happens to be my absolute favorite from the entire trip. :)


  1. ah, so cool about the picture! it is a beautiful picture! i hope it makes it.

    this MAW activity sounds PERFECT for mason. i loved reading about how excited he was. you could totally tell on his face in all your pictures. and hello! he looks so old and grown up! those glasses are looking very handsome!

  2. Thanks Briana! He is getting to look so grown up--I can hardly handle it! Lol. Such a contrast from that photo on the beach, and his photo from this day.