Thursday, September 6, 2012

CureSearch Cancer Walk: Join Mason's Team!

It's been a while, hasn't it? Here's an update, before I get into the walk details:
Mason has been marvelous. He has grown a whopping two inches in the past six months, alone. That's more than he's grown in the past two years! His hair has grown back in a lighter color than it was before cancer, is less coarse, and is no longer the wavy mess that could not be tamed, but is now straight, and does whatever I want it to...although I kind of miss those battles against the 'ole kinks and cow-licks. 

He has also grown into quite the little man. He is sweet and thoughtful, caring when others are sick, and likes to randomly bring me drinks of water, Kool-Aid, or whatever is in the fridge that day. He's got attitude and such wit! His stubbornness rivals my own when I was his age. In fact, I think his may be mom says I deserve it. ;) 

But every day I am so grateful that I am able to watch him perform daredevil tricks that make my heart skip in fear; pour his own cereal; sing his heart out; don the hat my cousin gave him that he always wears (it's his favorite, Tyler), and get into some sort of trouble.

I am so grateful for the research that went into determining a successful coarse of treatment for him. Which leads me to the following....

It's that time of year again! It's time for the cancer walk!

This year we are again participating in the CureSearch childhood cancer walk, and we want YOU to join us in walking for Mason! Last year was the first year Utah had hosted the CureSearch walk, and it was such a huge success. This year, there will be even more fun! But don't stop reading, now! It's not expensive, and it's not a long walk (around 2 miles; very family and cancer child friendly).

This is something that is very important to us. We feel strongly about CureSearch, and all that they do for childhood cancer. I won't bombard you with devastating facts about childhood cancer, but I think there are three very important facts you should know:

Fact #1: Despite using children as the primary faces of their campaigns, the major cancer charities (American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, Leukemia & Lymphoma society, and a few others) direct less than 4% of their funds to childhood cancer research. That's only 4 pennies for every dollar donated!

Fact #2: Cancers found in children (there are 12 main types of childhood cancer) are different from those found in adults, having different causes, and requiring different treatments. <---Meaning that research in adult cancers does little to benefit children with cancer.

Fact#3: CureSearch is one of the few cancer charities to donate over 80% of their funds to childhood cancer research. In fact, CureSearch donates a whopping 94% of funds received, exclusively to childhood cancer research! 

That is why we support CureSearch, and it's why this walk is so important. So here are the details. 
Will you walk with us?

Mason's Brain Train
We are team Mason's Brain Train!
Please, please, please consider this. We would love for you to join our team and be there with us as we walk for Mason. To join Mason's team, all you have to do is log into our team page by clicking the link above, and sign up. Registration is only $10 for anyone 16 and older, and anyone under 16 is free.
If you want to wait until the day of the walk, you can sign up at the park that morning...just be sure to let them know you're part of our team.

CureSearch Walk
Saturday, September 29th 2012
Registration: 8 am
Ceremony & Walk: 9 am
Sugar House Park: 1300 East 2100 South  Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Other Details:
$10 for adults 16 and over, and FREE for kids 15 and younger
There will be free food, music, and lots of games & activities (more than last year)!
It is a short 1.5-2.5 mile walk, designed to be family-friendly so that kids, strollers, and wheelchairs are all welcome!
Bring water to drink and comfy shoes, and we'll see you there!

Can't make it? 
Sign up online to be a virtual walker for our team, and you can still support us! :)

I am working on making some shirts for our team. They'll be around $5-$8 each, so let me know if you want one, and what size you need, by the 20th of this month. Email me at: penelopelolohea (@)

So, will you join our team?

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