Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tumor GIF

I opened up Mason's scans again today, so I could print a picture of one of them off (for a project I'm working on). I still can't believe that thing used to be in my baby's head. It seems so crazy to me. And since I had a lot of time on my hands, I decided to make a GIF of the tumor, since the videos I previously made really don't cut it. I know those huge watermarks are annoying and are in the way of most of the tumor. 

Here's a MUCH better view:

It's a scan going from the left to right sides of his head (it's backwards). All (yes, ALL) of that lighter grey area you see pop up in varying thicknesses at the base of his brain, is the tumor--the one that got its trash kicked by Mason. You can see where it extended past his right ear (the last few slides), and then where it begins to creep down his spine. *shiver* I'm so glad it's gone!

 Just a reminder of how far Mason has come.

And if you have a sec, don't forget to join Mason's team for the cancer walk! It's super easy, and it'll be a fun day!

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