About Mase

Mason, whom we like to call Mase, has always had a very keen mind. He is very aware of his surroundings, and always knows exactly what was going on around him. It is hard to keep anything a secret from this boy. :)

Once you get to know Mason, you will find that he has a very special place in his heart for Thomas the Tank Engine. Actually, it is more like a very special CHUNK of his heart, reserved for his best friends: trains. He considers each character his personal friend, and can tell you each one's color, number, number of wheels, shape, size, and which cars he/she pulls. He memorizes which movies or TV episodes each train is in, and will ask for them by name when he wants to watch that character. He loves his engines!

Mason also loves to run, play, and be silly. He loves music and art, and his favorite activities are painting and making crafts of any kind. Cooking is another of his favorites...something he likes to sneak off and do at all times of day. It is not uncommon to open the fridge and find a bowl full of mushy ingredients that he has made into a "cake" at some point that day. We've got to keep a close eye on him. :)

He is also very imaginative, and can tell you many stories he makes up in his mind, on the spot. He loves to be read to, especially from the Book of Mormon, and understands quite a bit more than I think he will. His memory is spot-on, and he will recall what someone said a year later.

Mason is an energetic four-year-old-going-on-thirty. He is was once told that he is the "little prince" of the house...and he knows it, too. But he is also the sweetest boy a mom could ever hope for. He tells me (his mom) he loves me at least thirty times a day, and colors pictures for all of his family members each week, to thank them for things they have done.

This boy is a sweet blessing to the lives of those who know him.